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You may become a member at First Baptist Church of Shelton if you have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. We believe this principle is based on a solid scriptural foundation. Membership usually occurs in three ways:

1. Following your proclamation of faith in Jesus Christ and believer’s baptism
2. Initiated by your proclamation of faith in Jesus Christ
3. Initiated by a letter transferring your membership from another church

Preparation for membership
If you would like to become a member of our church, our pastor or a church leader will ask you to meet for a short course. This usually occurs in a small friendly group that includes others who are considering membership, and/or who are interested in exploring questions of faith. Through readings and discussion, our pastor will familiarize you both with the church and with beliefs that our members hold in common. These meetings are the occasion for some wonderful discussions and fellowship, and you can feel free to ask any question. At our church you are always free to ask questions! We desire to foster an open and transparent environment, where people feel at home exploring questions of life and faith.

Membership meeting
After a short Faith Discovery/Membership course, our pastor will ask you to meet informally with church leaders (deacons) to discuss your faith and your desire to join. You can expect this meeting to be a warm and hospitable welcoming event! However, church leaders will of course also be interested to learn whether you feel at home at First Baptist Shelton, whether you have more questions, and whether you would like to confirm your decision to join the church.

Support for one another
At the membership meeting our pastor and deacons will also let you know that you can feel free to communicate your needs and family life situations, including illnesses, marriages, births, deaths, conflicts, opportunities, and problems. We consider being there for each other an essential aspect of living out our Christian faith, based on the scriptural principle of love for one another in the name of Jesus Christ! Our church covenant and statement of beliefs also emphasize this principle.

Welcome to new members & baptism
Finally, the congregation as a whole will welcome you into the church body, usually during a worship service. This event may also include the service of baptism, for those who have recently decided to dedicate their lives to Christ.


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