Participation in the creative arts is important at First Baptist Church of Shelton, CT, and we invite you to join us! People here enjoy many arts, including music, worship media, photography, drawing, painting, crafts, drama, writing, web design and publishing. Through worship arts, we draw closer to God. Both worship and community life are also enriched. We believe that, as we experiment creatively for the Lord, we also experience devoting ourselves — body, soul, mind and spirit — more fully to Him.


Opportunities for involvement in the arts

Whether your area is improvisatory Christian music, solo music in church, accompaniment, or singing in the choir, we value the musical talents of members and friends. Our congregation enjoys a variety of musical styles in worship, from traditional to contemporary. In 2014 we started a new choir under an experienced choir director. Rehearsals take place on Saturdays from 10 am ‒ 11:30 am. New choir members are always welcome.

Our Choir Director

Our Choir Director

Talented guitarist John Irons performs at many church gatherings. Photo © 2015, courtesy of Bob Grier Photography LLC.

A First Baptist Shelton guitarist, who performs at many church gatherings. Photo © 2015, courtesy of Bob Grier Photography LLC.

Worship Media
In recent years First Baptist Shelton has experimented with blended worship, including worship media (music videos and slides) during our Sunday worship service. Volunteers are needed to help with many aspects of worship media, and training is available from our experienced worship media leader. Both techies and artistic types are needed! It helps to have a growing knowledge of or interest in worship theology. A grounding in and passion for God’s Word are also central to the worship media arts.

Skits and improvisation are important parts of Christian Education, small group studies, and Vacation Bible School at First Baptist Church of Shelton, CT. Some of us also enjoy participating in dramatic worship readings of scripture, especially during services such as Maundy Thursday candlelight worship. We look forward to using more drama, as God leads people to share the life-changing Word of God through this medium.

Current areas of artistic efforts at First Baptist Church of Shelton, CT include crafts, desktop publishing, web design, and photography. Several members of our congregation enjoy creating art in their personal lives. We welcome your creative contributions to help us prayerfully bring new ideas in using art for God’s glory!


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